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Environmental Policy

Established in 1805, Truefitt & Hill is the oldest barbershop in the world as certified by Guinness Book of World Records in April 2000.

We provide gentlemen’s grooming services from our premises in St James’s Street, London and produce a wide range of luxury gentlemen’s grooming products and accessories which enjoy worldwide popularity.

We are proud not only of our tradition and unique heritage spanning over 200 years, but also of the highest standards of our services and exceptional quality of our products which we have maintained over the centuries.

Our vision is to ensure that we are able to continue to provide the finest gentlemen’s grooming products and services to our discerning clientele for the centuries to come while striving to protect our heritage for the future generations.

To achieve our vision we recognise that we have an obligation to do all we can to protect the environment, both locally and globally and take seriously our responsibility as an organisation towards the short and long term impacts our business has on the world around us.

We are fully committed to our social and environmental responsibilities and aim to offer the finest quality gentlemen’s grooming products while preserving resources for the future;

We will conduct all our operations with respect for the environment and awareness of potential environmental impact;

We conduct our operations in compliance with all relevant environmental, social and ethical legislations, regulations and codes of practice relevant to our industry sector;

We will strive at all times to improve and enhance our environmental and carbon reduction performance and minimise the social impact in everything we do, while adhering to our business principles of excellence in product, design and quality;

We work with suppliers and business partners whose sourcing of raw materials and processes is consistent with a positive approach to the environment and who have strict environmental, sustainability and recycling policies;

We unequivocally condemn all human rights violations as well as all other unethical employment practices;

We promote equality, inclusiveness, diversity and openness in the workplace;

We strongly oppose all animal testing and ensure that no animal testing is conducted in the sourcing, production or testing of any of our products;

We use natural ingredients with great care and any natural product components, such as horn or badger hair used in production of our shaving brushes, are responsibly and ethically obtained from sustainable sources;

We reduce waste through recycling and by purchasing recycled or recyclable products and materials where these alternatives are available, economical and suitable;

We communicate our environmental commitment to our employees and interested customers and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner;

Promote the awareness and understanding of the commitments made in this Policy to all staff, taking into consideration diversity of the workplace and workforce.

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